I’ll be the first to admit that there is a ton of crap in the world of bodybuilding.  In addition, there are thousands of training methods and diet methods that contradict each other.  Examples: Fasted Cardio vs. Non.  Carb intake scheduling vs. non-scheduling.  Power Splits vs. Layne Norton’s PHAT routine.  Needless to say, it’s extremely difficult to decipher right from wrong and what’s going to work best for each individual.

That being said, as you mature as a bodybuilder/powerlifter, you’ll come to realize some universal truths that exist.  I’ll jump to the chase….here are the 4.

1.) There are no six pack shortcuts

First off….screw you Mike Chang. Every single freaking day my YouTube feed is bombarded with your BS on “Six Pack Shortcuts”.  I’m proud to say that I’ve never contributed a single view to that sellout.

People like Mike Chang and “Men’s Health” magazine make my job as a bodybuilding competition coach almost impossible.  Reason being is that I don’t just handle bodybuilders, but people just trying to build a solid “beach-ready” physique.  There are many clients who give up on my approach because they don’t see results fast enough.  Here’s a reference point…it took me almost 33 weeks of dieting to get this cut.

Zach doing a side relaxed pose

Granted, you can CERTAINLY see abs if you’re semi-lean and diet consistently for 12+ weeks, but for a male or female that is mildly to significantly overweight…there ain’t going to be no “six pack shortcut”.  You’re going to have to lose a TON of weight and then cut out the residual fat before you’re looking like the dude at Abercrombie and even more than that if you want to look like the guys in the natural bodybuilding competitions.

Check out my article titled “The Big Fallacy”.  I go into detail on the truth behind abs and how to actually get them.

The Big Fallacy article

2.) Being exceptionally shredded will impress ourselves more than others

Now take this one with a grain of salt.  For a bodybuilder to a bodybuilder….this will be extremely impressive.  For a judge at a Bodybuilding Competition…this will be extremely impressive.  For the average Joe on the street…….maybe not so much.  Granted, if you’re walking around with your shirt off then there’s a chance for a second glance, but truly the people we impress the most with how lean or big we are is ourselves.  This contributes to the vanity based image that a lot of people associate with bodybuilding.

The guy who faked having the biggest biceps

Yes…we check ourselves in the mirror a lot.  It’s because we put in TONS AND TONS of hard work and only we truly know how difficult it was to get to that level.

I bring this untold truth up because the guys that give us that horrible image need to stop.

3.) The jacked guys on the supplement ads didn’t use those supplements to get huge.

Jay cutler, Phil Health, Kai Greene, or any other IFBB pro athlete with his forehead veins popping out of his head promoting this or that supplement did not use that supplement to get huge.  On top of that there’s maybe a 50% chance they’ve never even used the damn powder/pill.

Listen, the guys that are in those magazines used a combination of hard work in the gym and in the kitchen to get to that level.  In addition, the extremely large ones likely used a different type of drug that probably isn’t shown in those magazines……wink wink hint hint.

4.) Form is more important than numbers.

I’ll keep this short.  You cranking out half asses overhead presses with very little range of motion is not going to grow boulders.  Worrying about the weight/reps is far less important than the form.  Take time to properly get your form down and then increase your weight/reps while MAINTAINING that form.  Not the other way around.