Bodybuilding Gift Ideas

6 Awesome Bodybuilding Christmas Gift Ideas

You’re sitting there racking your brain trying to figure out the best gift for your loved one. Let me guess, they have 15 blender bottles, more supplements than storage space, a gym bag reminiscent of Mary Poppin’s purse, and enough gym clothes to outfit 4 professional NBA teams.

If you’re looking for your “average” gym goer products…then this is not the article for you. This is for bodybuilders and powerlifters only. We’re talking a guy/gal who squats, benches, deadlifts, and has all they talk about is their total. They probably record videos of themselves in the gym lifting to critique or show their friends. They maybe even physique for fitness or weightlifting competitions. If that’s who you’re buying for…then this article is for you.

1. Weightlifting Shoes

These are incredible important to any gym goer, but the shoe really depends on the goal.  I personally carry around 2 pairs of shoe during any given weight lifting session. There are two main types of shoes: one for deadlifting aka pulling movements and one for squatting or any leg based “pushing” movements.

The first type of shoe is more like a regular tennis shoe, except that it has a very low drop.  It usually helps keep a very low center of gravity, provides a great gym floor grip, and is light weight.  When you’re deadlifting 500lbs from the ground and you don’t want your feet to slip…this is the shoe your loved one needs.

Inov8 Bare-XF 210

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Not only do these things look good, but they are the best form fitting, true to size shoe I’ve ever worn.  They provide “rope-tec” grip which is basically like you’re glued to the freaking ground.  It has literally zero drop and only minor arch support so it’s fantastic for the pulling movements.  A ton of powerlifters wear this shoe as their “go-to” shoe for deadlifting.  It feels a lot like a barefoot running shoe with a bit more support.

Inov 8 Bare XF Weight Lifting


Amazon Link

Now the other half of the spectrum is professional weight lifting shoes for squats and other pushing movements with your legs.  These are shoes warn by the Chinese Olympic Weightlifting team….so needless to say…they are amazing.  I’ve written an entire article about this that you can find on the site, but essentially it adds lift to your heels so that you can get better depth on squats and feel more secure.


2. Weightlifting Gloves

Weightlifting gloves are important for protecting your hands while you lift.  Keep the calluses from ripping off.  There are also things known as wrist wraps that allow you to wrap a strap around the bar and pull heavier than your grip would normally allow.  This gift is a combination of both and are the gloves/wraps that most professional bodybuilders use.  They are military grade and they’ll make the person you’re buying them for go from pulling 300lbs to 500lbs in basically a day (I’m lying…but they help exponentially).  I’ve also written an article about these bad boys. (I’ve put the articles at the bottom).

Versa Grips

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Versa Gripps

3. Nutrition Bars

Need some stocking stuffers?  Don’t go the traditional route of protein, candy, or pre workouts.  How about your slam it full of the best tasting (and best nutritional) protein bars around.

Quest Bars

Amazon link

Get the chocolate raspberry…..seriously….they are amazing.

Quest Chocolate Raspberry

 4. Iphone Stand

This one is a great idea for the bodybuilder or powerlifter who likes to record themselves posing, lifting, or just taking sweet selfies.  It’s a phone stand that fits almost all phones (especially iphones) and works fantastic for getting weird angles inside of the squat rack.  Not to mention it’s a cheap gift idea.

Gorilla Pod

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Gorilla Pod Weight Lifting

5. Foam Roller

Great for the bodybuilder or powerlifter who complains about their aches and pains daily.  It’s the top of the line foam roller that doesn’t lose it shape over time.

Trigger Point Foam Roller

Amazon Link

This is another one I’ve written an article about and I continue to recommend constantly.  I’ve also linked to what foam rolling is for at the bottom of this article.

The Trigger Point Foam Roller

6. Increase Grip Strength

These help the user build grip strength and/or forearm size.

Fat Gripz

Amazon Link

I keep recommending things that I’ve written about because I use them almost daily.  Fat Gripz go over the weight lifting bar to extend the grip and force you to use more forearm and grip strength with your lifts.  Really helped me keep my grip from slipping after using them for a while.

Fat Gripz



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