“I just a have a big forehead….”.  These are the words I found myself mumbling more and more as I approached my 28th birthday. Whether I repeated them to myself when catching a bad angle in the mirror or in defiance of a comment from my closest friends, this phrase had become far to familiar in the past few years.  So familiar in fact, that I went out of my way to avoid saying them.  Not typically a hat kind of guy, I started wearing baseball caps and flat bills in the gym.  I justified my newest beanie obsession by remarking on the cold weather.  However, I knew the truth secretly that this was strictly the by-product of a semi-receding hairline. As a result, in the confines of the night and anonymity of the internet, I occasionally spent my limited free time searching for any sort of natural solution.  This led me to my recent journey that I want to share with whoever will listen.

Now, let me preface this journey by saying I really do have a big forehead.  My hairline has certainly never been the lowest even from a young age.  My dad and both grandpas (mother and father’s side) have had a full head of hair their entire life.  Ultra-fine, dirty-blond locks run in the family.  This observation is partly why I haven’t completely freaked out and gone down ole’ Minoxidil Propecia lane. It’s given me the confidence to try some less side-effecty alternatives until I throw in the towel and learn to live with my Norwood 2.  Obviously, I’m not in the sort of “dire” scenario that others might feel trapped in with their hair loss.  However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been ridiculed….

I can recall a surprisingly vivid clip from my childhood, where most of the surrounding memories really blur together, when a girl told me she was certain I was going to be bald one day.  She said something to the effect of “I’m really good at telling if people are going to bald and from what I see you’re going to be bald”.  Stellar diagnosis from Dr. Middle School, but it has stuck with me all these years.  Hopefully by the end of this journey I’ll be able to completely disprove that comment. Let it be noted that she pointed to my crown and not my receding hairline so she’s already got a piece of this wrong….

I’m sure that anyone who has it worse than me has more than one of these damaging memories.  Matter of fact, the author of the method I’m about to try has a very similar story. It resulted in him venturing to a doctor to get an official Male Pattern Baldness diagnosis at the ripe young age of 16.  I think that’s partly the reason I’m writing this article.  I feel I’m in a unique position with less severe hairloss and an online voice to give someone hope. Instead of feeling broken and insecure from an insensitive remark, you can use it as fuel to your determination in pursuing this (potential) solution.

Alright, I believe that’s enough of an introduction.  I’ll now chalk out the starting line with some pictures and a description of the solution I’ve found.

The Method:

Now, I obviously can’t outline the entire method because it comes at a price from the author (it’s not much).  However, I can tell you a couple things that are documented across the web my findings and after reading the ebook.

  1. It is research driven.  The method was crafted based on some hair loss studies.  The author has even hired a doctor to reinforce the principles in the ebook and continue improving it.
  2. It’s more time-intensive than taking a pill or rubbing foam into your scalp.  It requires grit and determination.  That’s one of the reasons why the method resonated with me so much. As a bodybuilder I can relate to a regimen that takes a long term approach.
  3. It doesn’t require a bunch of other shit.  The barebones approach can be done in the safety of your own home and using your own hands.
  4. If you couldn’t already tell from point three, it’s all natural.
  5. Most hairloss treatments that you can buy over the counter or from a prescription primarily tackle the crown of the head.  Allegedly it’s harder to regrow the hairline than other areas.  Obviously a transplant could cover this.  I’m happy to say this method should appeal to the receding hairline audience.
  6. The author provides great customer service for his method. Not to say that a customer happiness score is going to magically grow your hair back, but it’s great to ask clarifying questions when needed.  In addition, having someone to support you through this who’s been through all of it before is really important.

The Starting Line:

I wouldn’t be able to show a before an after unless I posted a true starting line as honestly as possible.  The best way to do that is through a few pictures.

The Journey

I’m going to do another post at the 3 month mark, 6-7 month mark, and then 2 final posts whenever I feel like it to outline the results from this method.  Consider me your guinea pig and check back every once and while if you’re curious.  Perhaps just bookmark my blog?

Here we go.  Wish me luck! Let’s hope I found a cure, if not, you’ll still hear about how I’m searching!

For more information on the method I’m trying, it can be found at: https://perfecthairhealth.com/