I’m using this quick post to share my love for C9 for web development. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a cloud based development environment that’s grown in popularity over the past couple of years (recently acquired by Amazon).

Immediately, I’m sure the argument is that local based software development is far more powerful and customizable, and those arguments wouldn’t be wrong.  That being said, hear me out.

I switched to C9 out of a very specific need; the ability to code on the go.  I’m constantly traveling and I also have multiple computers (Mac and PC) that I swap out depending on my needs.  Having to keep all my computers up to date was a nightmare so I was willing to sacrifice some power for flexibility.  In addition, I didn’t have the luxury of lugging around my favorite desktop and I had no desire to configure my shitty old Yoga 2 pro to support the way that I like to develop.

Having an internet connection is a luxury I’m almost always guaranteed to have these days (worst case scenario I tether my phone).  Therefore, C9 presented itself as a perfect solution for me.  I’ve used PyCharm, SublimeText, Atom, and other text editors and while I do miss some of the features available, I can honestly say that I barely notice that I’m coding in a web based application with Cloud9.

Just wanted to share some love there, because I can’t see myself turning back anytime soon.

Disclaimer: I primarily code in Python and Javascript (React/Node).  C9 fully supports my needs no problem. www.c9.io