For a guy who says he doesn’t give a shit about bodybuilding….he certainly talks about it a lot or at least that’s what my Facebook feed would have me think. Who am I referring to? None other than “niche” youtube blogger Jason Blaha who posts videos to his loyal subscribers on a week to week basis.

I don’t follow the guy, but I’ve seen a number of videos from him. They likely pop up because I’m friends on Facebook with the various people he’s smearing. Almost all of the posts I’ve seen revolve around how “such and such bodybuilder is on steroids”.

I usually would turn a blind eye because he is a dime and dozen in the youtube community who makes a name for himself by doing nothing other than starting flame wars, but one post recently caught my eye. Specifically his post on the current Talk of the Town, Doug Miller, and an absolutely hilarious picture he posted pointing to Doug Miller’s “Genetic Spots”. Don’t be confused, this isn’t a change of heart for Jason Blaha. He hasn’t chosen for once to admire and respect someone’s hard work. Instead, I believe he’s using the term Genetic Spots to point out various steroid Injection sites and discredit yet another Natural Bodybuilder.

It pisses me off that I’m contributing to his SEO by mentioning his name in a post, but I’ll make the sacrifice just to show how absurd the picture really is.

Here’s the picture in Question from Jason Blaha’s Facebook:

Doug Miller Genetic Spots

Apparently, these are the points where Jason Blaha claims Doug Miller inputs his “natty juice”. He utilizes a picture of Doug Miller where he’s covered in dream tan and on stage under particular lighting. Most bodybuilders know that while Dream Tan does a great job at giving you color for a show, it also dims some of your vascularity that would be found otherwise.

Here’s a collage of others pictures from Doug Miller that point out that these are merely veins and not a “tell all” if Doug Miller is actually on steroids.

(Click on the picture to enlarge it)

Doug Miller Natural Bodybuilder

This is merely my take on the whole situation, but that picture was downright misleading. For a guy who prides himself on being a beam of truth in the fitness community, this post was stupid and ill-informed/researched.

Doug Miller Natural

Dude might be veiny…but do you seriously think he’s injecting into his abdomen? If anything…that would make Doug Miller more of a badass. I cringe at the thought of shoving a needle in there.

General Thoughts

No one but Doug Miller knows whether he is truly Natural…but my take is that he is. He’s been at this for 15-20 years now with huge 4 to 5 year offseasons to grow. Genetically, he’s incredibly gifted and has certainly capitalized. The dude makes shit for money in the Natural Community and there is literally no point in competing other than personal pride and a love for the sport. He doesn’t get any benefit from claiming natural aside from saying he’s natural. The guy could easily kill it in an NPC show (and did) and if he was on the levels of juice and OTHER drugs that IFBB pro’s are on he would easily be Olympia competitive.

I seriously don’t get what Jason’s problem is with “natural bodybuilders”. Even if they WEREN’T natural, it’s doing a hell of a job at keeping kids AWAY from drugs as opposed to jumping on them which Jason advocates in his videos. A kid who looks at Doug Miller and BELIEVES he is natural may actually think that some hard work and dedication without the assistance of drugs can get him to that level if he tries hard enough. Alternatively, if Doug came out and said “I’m on steroids” those who look to him for inspiration might quickly jump on the bicycle.

Here’s a synopsis of the points:

  • He passed all his drug tests and polygraph tests.  A lot of proponents of “Fake Naturals” say these are easy to pass.  Guaranteed that most haven’t taken them.  It’s not a joke and it’s one point in his favor. Go take a polygraph test and tell me how much you sweat when they ask you questions like “Do you have an intention to cheat in this competition”.
  • He doesn’t reap any rewards from being a Pro Natural Bodybuilder other than pride.  He only competes every 4-5 years, isn’t a fitness personality and doesn’t win hardly any prize money.
  • He could easily compete in non-tested leagues and win much more money & fame.
  • He’s been bodybuilding for an insane amount of time and has fantastic muscle bellies/genetics.
  • He isn’t sponsored and doesn’t promote anything aside from his tiny little supplement shop in Washington, DC.

Final thought: Someone’s jealous.