Pedal Power's Big Rig Model

The Electricity-Generating Bicycle that could change bodybuilding forever.

Bodybuilder’s, especially us anti-cardio ones, are always hunting for new opportunities to do our cardio as easily as possible. Walking the dog, cardio on equipment at home while watching TV, etc are just a few of the ways we can daze out while knocking out our least favorite part of training for a competition.

Personally, I can’t stand cardio.  I feel like my muscles are wasting away (I know I’m just getting leaner), but it’s boring and I do everything in my power to keep my mind off the task at hand. This is all about to change though! While scrolling around the news today I was introduced to the first truly environmentally friendly, zonked out, “get-cardio-done-before-you-get-home” way of doing cardio.  It’s currently in the developmental stages with a big Kickstarter campaign nearing it’s end: Click here for more info.Pedal Power Grinders in the shop working on a project.

So far the project has over 3x the amount they asked for which they are going to use to OPEN SOURCE the project.  Open Source means that they’ll be building high quality design plans and then releasing them to the world, instead of building it themselves and creating a monopoly! This allows competition to filter in, lower the cost, and provide diversity in the bicycle desk marketplace.

There are two versions of the bike, but the one I want to focus on the most is the Big Rig which can “generate enough power to drive an electric generator, water pump, air compressor, a hydraulic press (in this case a log splitter), and various types of food processors.” This is awesome for the environment if the functionality is utilized.

Pedal Power Concept Renders

In addition, it’s an adjustable desk.  I don’t know about you guys, but I know very few bodybuilder’s that make a living off of bodybuilding.  If you’re like me, you sit at a desk the majority of the day just waiting to hit the gym and pound iron.  Imagine being able to knock out your cardio WHILE being at the desk and doing something helpful for the environment at the same time.  Granted, I’ve seen the standing desks, but those are too much to ask for….especially after a leg day.  This gives you the chance to remain seated, do your work while pedaling, earning and burning.

Cost wise the bikes run around $2000.  For something that’s cardio equipment and a desk…that’s fairly reasonable.  I assume this will go down after they open source it and people figure out cheaper and more efficient ways to build it.

Hope everyone is cool with getting sweaty at work.  Personally, I’d rather do that than use my lunch break.

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