Hemavol Review

This review is for HemaVol, the little known preworkout that’s almost as strong as your NO-Xplodes and MP Assaults, but perfect for those that want to break away from the caffeine usage.  I recommend giving this product a shot if you want to get the same sort of pumps you experience from your typical beta-alanine and caffeine based products, but without the anxiety & jitters.

Why it’s awesome:

When bodybuilders start taking pre-workouts day in and day out their caffeine tolerance ends up going through the roof.  Just to give you an idea, you’re taking in the equivalent of 2-3 larger cups of coffee before your workout in one of those little scoops.  That’s not even counting all the other soda’s, coffee, or foods that have caffeine in it that you’re digesting as well.  As you can imagine, this insane amount of caffeine that you take everyday really dulls the effect significantly.

As a result of this, and other anxiety issues that I mentioned in my other article about quitting caffeine, I decided to try numerous supplements that gave me the same vascularity and pump that I was used to expecting, but without putting so much pressure on my adrenal glands.  I tried nitrix, amino-energy, various foods, etc.  I can tell you right now that nothing worked as well as HemaVol.

How it feels:

I wouldn’t say that the rush is AS strong as your typical pre-workout.  Reason being is it doesn’t have the mind numbing mental effect that we associate with caffeine.  You aren’t as “awake” when walking into the gym, but honestly I prefer that lack of this high.  I feel far more in control, less out of breath, and generally more calm in the gym.  However, the pump is still fantastic and your strength is just about the same as with your other supplements. I was already very lean when taking this supplement being about 5 weeks out from my competitions.  As you can imagine my veins are popping out already, but this stuff makes it look as if I have an entire river network running through my arms and legs.

Taste wise it’s fantastic (at least the watermelon flavor is) and it’s reasonably priced at somewhere between $20-30 dollars.  I’d recommend trying it if you’re looking to let your adrenal glands recover, you have an adverse effect to caffeine, or you just want to lower your caffeine tolerance.



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