An Interview with Jennifer Corliss Trinkner

Jennifer Corliss Trinkner is an aspiring pro female bikini competitor whose figure and conditioning have landed her tons of magazine pages and figure titles. Now she’s trying to take the next step. Zelsh takes a look at how she’s made it this far.[divider] [/divider]I was able to interview the amazing Jennifer Corliss Trinkner. She is 41, has two kids, and is still in the game of fitness and making strives to get her pro card.


Height is 5’7’

Weight 118

Body Fat approximately 11%


Miss Trinkner has been modeling since she was 17 years old. She has always been health conscious and just recently began competing in fitness competitions during the last few years with over 20 years of previous bikini contest experience . She is a 2 time Miss Hawaiian Tropic and has posed in multiple magazines and advertisements. Her most recent competitions were in the Miss Bikini American and Miss Figure America in Las Vegas.

Workout split:

Day 1 Quads/Glutes

Day 2 Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Day 3 Hamstrings

Day 4 Back/Biceps

Day 5 Glutes

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How long are your workouts and how are they structured?

“My workouts last about 1 hour and in addition, I do 45 minutes to an hour of cardio each day.” Miss Trinkner is part of a group called Team Bombshell and they provide her workout routines for her.

How do you keep your abs and oblique’s so toned and tight?

“I didn’t train abs at all the last month or so into my competition. When I first looked at the workout I was shocked, but the workouts trained my core without having to do abs. The most important contributor to my toned core is my nutrition. Good abs start and end in the kitchen.”


Most people think to look as amazing as Miss Trinkner you would have to diet hard and eat clean. “I try to eat everything in moderation, I do not deprive myself of things I want… The only difference in my diet is when it comes up to competition time, then I do have to eat clean and really watch everything I intake.”


The only supplements that Miss Trinkner uses come from a company she works for Isagneix. Isagneix is a company that helps rid the body of toxins through all organic means of supplementation. Here is a link to the website to find out more information:


“What motivates me most about competing is the desire to always be better than the last show.”

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Randy Byrdreply
December 14, 2012 at 04:12 PM

Jennifer is the real deal! Dedicated, disciplined, humble and insanely driven. Her and her man are gorgeous people inside and out. RB

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