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Kent Bierly, creator of ANBF and Natural Pro shares with Zelsh

Current Stats:

5’6” 180 lbs, contest weight 167lbs

How did your last season go?

This season was very busy with setting up the ANBF and traveling all over for our 9 shows we had.  I only entered 4 shows which is very light for me.  I like to do at least 10 a year.  My results were mixed.  My first show I did just to do and support my friend Mike Halsey.  I came in heavy and was placed accordingly.  My next show was the Masters World Challenge at UMASS promoted by IFPA promoter, Ken Arsenault.  I was given third at that show and was neck and neck with the second place finisher.  After that I did the IFPA Masters Elite in Troy, AL and also got third.  I was noticing a trend.  My last show was on 11/16 in York, Pa where I also finished third.  That was my last natural pro show for the foreseeable future.

Kent Bierly pulling off a side chest

How does it feel to be done competing as a professional?

Of course it was emotional for me to know that I may never do a natural pro show again but its not like I’m going away.  By stepping back I will be able to promote the ANBF better and without any distractions.  Also, nobody can make any claims of favoritism or politics because we I will have no ties to any natural organizations.  We are trying to make the ANBF the fairest natural organization possible and me backing off the natural pro stage will help accomplish this.  The other end of this is that I’m very excited to get back on the NPC National stage and battle it out with all the talent that is in that organization and I will proudly represent the natural athletes and attempt to qualify as an IFBB pro in the 50+ divisions of the Team Universe, Masters Nationals and the North Americans.

What moment of your bodybuilding career are you most proud of?

I have 2.  The first one is when I won the USBF Pennsylvania (used to be Baltimore) Pro/Am for the 7th time I think in 2008 or 2009.  On the way I had to beat Rico Browning who weighed in at 190 lbs.  I weighed in at 158 lbs.

The other one is when I took 6th place, in the welterweight class, out of 36 guys at the NPC Nationals in 2008. To be able to compete at that level and be a natural for life competitor was very overwhelming for me.

Kent Bierly doing a front double bicep

What is your routine like offseason vs. prepping?

I usually keep the same split year round.  Back and hams, chest and bis, legs, calves and abs, and then shoulders and tris.  I try to do about 30-45 minutes each workout day.  I’ll generally take 2 days off during the week.  My focus is on strength gains and quality muscle contractions.  During prep I’m still trying for strength gains but the reps will increase and the days off decrease.  I will also do steady state cardio throughout the whole process.  I will increase it up to 2 hours the week before the show.  The cardio is steady state because I use a low carb diet and I feel it works best for me while I’m on that.

Does your diet change drastically as well?

During my off season, which generally isn’t very long, I will eat more carbs with my meals to give me more power behind my workouts.  I don’t count my macros but instead I just make sure I’m getting my 6 meals a day and my 40 grams of protein a meal.  When contest prep starts I get right into my low carb moderate fat and moderate protein diet with a cheat meal once a week.  I usually have no more then 45-60 carbs a day.  I start out with 40 grams of protein and drop it down to 30 as the show gets nearer.  My fats are usually around 90 – 120 throughout the prep.  My cheat meal is anything goes until I get within 5 weeks then I start to put limits on it and then, after 3 weeks out, the cheats are all done.

Part 2 of the Kent Bierly interview is coming soon!

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