Plateau? Here’s a simple way to fix it.

I’ve been doing a custom routine for a while.  Its centered around a few heavy full body days followed by 3 varying higher rep days.  It’s given me amazing results, but I think its time to change to a new split.

The reason being is that while I’m still making some gains, they aren’t happening as fast and I’m not as motivated.  As you continue to do the same workout day in day out you start to know your limitations.  You cut yourself short at 12 reps instead of pushing for that 13th.  You begin to pick-up the same weights instead of trying to move up.

If you change your split your more likely to not know your limitations.  Change the DB press from 5 reps to 15. Change the combination of muscle groups and you’ll find you aren’t as tired when you get to the next set of muscles.  These sort of things keep your body guessing and prevent your mind from getting into a….routine.

If you’ve been doing a workout split for over 7-8 weeks….maybe its time to change it up.  Analyze your weak points…see what needs more development and then SWITCH IT ALL UP. Do more chest and less back, combine chest and shoulders instead of chest and triceps/back. Do anything that’s going to confuse you physically and mentally.  Trust me…its refreshing.

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