Powerlifting, Get into it.


Powerlifting , not usually something most bodybuilders associate themselves with. But they should, Arnold, Ronnie, Columbu, -and these are just a few of the all time great bodybuilders that power-lifted. It’s not just for fat obese guys that pick up heavy weight and then go eat two large cheese pizzas, or just for Met-rx world strongest men. Powerlifting can help achieve that dense hard muscle that most bodybuilders are trying to achieve.

This is a video of arguably the greatest BODYBUILDER of all time competing at a power-lifting competition at a young age.

Most people assume that powerlifting and bodybuilding are not meant to be used together, they would be wrong. Powerlifting can greatly help any bodybuilders routine. Powerlifting is based around three main lifts: squat, deadlift, bench press. These are all performed with heavy weight usually and to failure.

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One thing that I see a lot of beginning bodybuilders doing is high reps for a lot of sets. They are trying to get shredded without ever getting big. Powerlifting will help you gain more dense muscle mass while still maintaining a relatively lean figure. Everyone should incorporate powerlifting movements into their routine to help promote larger muscle growth and to get more strength gains.

This is just a gateway article, following up I will expound upon the art of powerlifting the different movements and how to make great strength gains while still maintaining a lean body.

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