RSP Nutrition: AgmaGen Review (Agmatine Sulfate)

AgmaGen is RSP Nutrions newest supplement to hit store shelves and it packs a punch! AgmaGen is an agmatine sulfate supplement which is relatively new in the supplement world. If you thought the pumps from your nitric oxide supplement were good, you haven’t seen anything yet!

What is Agmatine Sulfate?

Scientifically speaking, agmatine sulfate is a compound that is produced in the body when enzymes in the body decarboxylate L-Arganine to Agmatine.  In simple terms, L-arganine is transformed by the body to produce agamatine.  Although the body naturally produces agamatine, the enzyme that produces it is a very slow acting enzyme and your body may require additional supplementation.

What are Agmatine Sulfates benefits?

  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Regulates Insulin
  • Pain suppresent – Recovery!
  • Neuro protection – In relation; has been shown to help with neurodegenerative diseases
  • Mind + muscle connection
  • Increase oxygen supply to muscle tissue
  • Increase oxide production and nutrient transport

Why should athletes supplement Agmatine Sulfate?

Agmatine sulfate is great for any athlete for a variety of reason. Agmatine has proven to be a strong neurotransmitter which can improve your mind muscle connection as you are working out. A stronger mind muscle connection means you will have stronger contractions of the muscle and potentially create additional muscle growth.

Agmatine is also well known for reducing pain which can help athletes deep into their workouts where fatigue typically sets in. Agmatine has the potential to enable you to complete those few extra reps you would typically miss out on! We also know far too well the chronic pain that comes along with being a competitive athlete. When supplemented consistently agmatine has the ability to drastically reduce chronic pain.

RSP Nutrion: AgmaGen

RSP Nutrition is one of the hottest up and coming supplement companies in the industry and with this product they are making their name known! RSP AgmaGen comes in two “flavors” – Pomegranate, and unflavored.

I had the privilege of testing one bottle of pomegranate AgmaGen. RSP is well known for having great tasting supplements and their pomegranate flavor was no different! AgmaGen has a very nice berry taste and is very strong for the serving size (1.5g). RSP recommends you mix one scoop in 4-6 ounces of water, although, with the strength of the pomegranate flavor you could get away with 8-10 ounces if you prefer. Each scoop of Agmagen is calorie free and contains 500mg of agmatine sulfate which is a very strong dosage. RSP states for maximal results you can increase dosage to two scoops. If you decide to take this path it is recommended you take one scoop pre-workout and one scoop intra-workout. Personally I ramped up the dosage over the course of a month to build my tolerance for this product. Because of the dosage strength you may want to start at one scoop and work up to two much like I did.

My first time trying AgmaGen I took one scoop and felt the effects almost immediately. It brought a semi euphoric feeling over me within twenty minutes and by the time I had finished my first exercise I could feel a noticeable difference. The mind muscle connection improvement is the real deal with this product. You will feel extremely focus and you’re intensity should be drastically increased. The next day I attempted two scoops and the results were the same, although my stomach felt a little unsettled which I related to taking two scoops. As mentioned previously, my current intake is at two scoops per session and I reached that dosage by increasing slightly from day two onward.

As far as recovery goes I feel that AgmaGen has helped greatly in the regard as well. I feel refreshed and energized each morning when hitting the gym and I have been going longer and harder than in months past. (Note: I am also supplementing BCAA’s,  so recovery may vary)

Overall, AgmaGen provides everything it claims it will provide and more! I can safely say that the pumps you will get, and the vascularity you will see far outweighs anything you’ve seen before! If you’re looking for an agmatine sulfate supplement I highly recommend RSP Nutrion AgmaGen.


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