The Protein Pancake


Waking up in the morning is a total drag especially when you’re on a diet. I tend to cringe at the thought of whipping out the old egg whites or plain eggs, popping the plain toast in the toaster oven, and maybe delving into some fat-free/low-fat yogurt.  When you have to eat the same breakfast foods every single morning it gets old FAST. However, I have great recipe that meets all your necessary macros and tastes amazing:

My favorite breakfast recipe to breakup the hoards of egg whites and oatmeal I eat:

  1. 1-1.5 scoops of Protein (chocolate preferably)
  2. 4-7 egg whites
  3. Half cup of Old-fashioned quaker oats.
  4. Dash of milk
  5. Mix all that stuff up in a container (or blender preferably) and pour onto a non-stick pan.
  6. Cook it until you see the heat rising off and flip it. Then put it on a plate, lather it in some non-fat syrup or peanut butter and prepare for delicious.


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