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Top 10 Bodybuilder Gift Ideas from a competitive Bodybuilder

Christmas is right around the corner and a lot of “better halves” are at a loss for what to get their bodybuilding Significant Other (S.O.).  I think the primary reason that a Christmas list is needed for this sport is because, unlike other popular hobbies, this one is extremely narrow and there is little to no information out there on the subject. In addition, our habits are extremely strange to most.  For the contest preppers, new body weight scales or measuring cups might be the most used present out of the bunch.  For the offseasoners, protecting our joints from excessive amounts of weight requires special equipment that we would gladly take over a new kindle.

If you already have some ideas, I urge you to read further because they may be a weak substitute to what I’ll offer up in this list. Sure, gifts from Dick’s Sporting goods LOOK like a great deal, but those goofy workout gloves will tear in a week and that sports bottle will leak his pre-workout drink all over his bag before he can even get a sip in.

Bodybuilding equipment has very few qualified dealers out there, and if your S.O. is active in the gym, then you need something that’s going to take the punishment.  Equipment from your local sports retailer isn’t going to hold up if the bodybuilder in question is pulling over 500 pounds or squatting multiple plates.

Let’s jump right to those gifts that will never be returned or re-gifted by your bodybuilder. I’ve included links to Amazon or other places to buy them with the best deals and security.

The Big Gift (Above $100):

Inzer Lever Belt ($98 + shipping):

Black Inzer Lever Belt

This belt is the top of the line weight lifting belt.  It comes in more colors that I can type out and you can also have it engraved/customized.  This belt features a lever as opposed to a crappy prong approach.  It’s extremely comfortable, durable, and will protect their back during squats and deadlifts.

This belt is utilized by pro-powerlifters and bodybuilders around the world.

Nike Romaleo 2’s ($189):

Nike Romaleo 2
I covered these bad boys in a previous article (Nike Romaleo 2 review).  These are the best weight lifting shoes money can buy, in my opinion.  There are certainly other competitors that have their ups and downs, but there’s a reason the Chinese Olympic weightlifting team wears these when going for a gold medal.

These shoes help bodybuilder’s squat lower, protect their knees, and maintain balance on the majority of leg movements.  You can almost guarantee a PR (Personal Record) with these.

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 ($120):

Inov-8 Bare 210 XF

Is your S.O. embarrassing you with their 5 toe vibram’s? Do they already have their favorite pair of squat shoes? Then shoot for something a little more well rounded with these all-terrain crossfit shoes.  Inov-8’s are honestly the best fitting shoe’s I’ve ever worn.  Not only that, but they are basically made for the gym with the grip on the bottom.  It’s perfect for staying low during deadlifts or during any pulling or leg movements. I know the word Crossfit is cringeworthy for some, but these are a quality product regardless of if you do Crossfit (I don’t).

Not only that, but they actually look good, unlike the majority of barefoot style shoes.  True to size and comfortable, you can’t beat these.

Between ($30-$100):

Versa Gripps ($54):

Versa Gripps Camo

This is another product we reviewed for our Essential Bodybuilder gear series. (Versa Gripps Review).

This is one of those things that’s so well made it will last a lifetime and be worth the investment many times over.

For those shopping for gifts, return whatever gloves or straps you’ve already bought them and go and get these.  If they have a shabby pair of gloves or straps that need replacing, this will be the last pair they ever need.

These grips are used by professional lifters to handle weights of upward of 600 lb’s without tearing.  Due to the design, it takes almost all pressure of your wrists during the lift and makes grip-strength a non-factor altogether.  I can throw these on and crank out a 500+ deadlift no problem.  If I take them off I’d be hard-pressed to get 400 without my grip starting to fail.  Granted, this is something I need to work on, but I’m just trying to show you how effective these grips are.

They come in a multitude of colors and sizes for both male and females.

Foam Roller ($39):

Trigger Point Foam Roller

These have gotten far more popular in the past few years.  Foam Rollers help push around the lactic acid before and after workouts that causes soreness/pain.  Bodybuilder’s use these to warm up or cool-off their muscles.  I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without mine.  The pain after my heavy back days is so severe that without rolling out the soreness I doubt I would be able to bend forward for the remainder of the day. You’re S.O.’s muscle will thank you.

PS: Don’t go get a crap 10 dollar one from your local yoga store.  They lose their form within a year and they get to squishy to be effective.  This one in particular keeps its form with a hard inner layer.

Rehband’s ($42.95):

Knee Sleeves on Strongest Men

Rehband’s are the end all and be all of knee sleeves.  I’ve tried wraps, TK sleeves, knee braces, and just about everything under the sun.  These Rehbands are the best support your knees can get and they aren’t slippery like the other brands.  Rehbands keep your knees warmed up during squats and protect the delicate ligaments in and around the knee.  These have basically eliminated all the pain I was having in my legs.

Make sure you get the BRIGHT BLUE ONES.  The newer grey/blue Rehband’s aren’t as supportive and aren’t as high quality.

Fat-Gripz ($30):

Fat Gripz

I’ve reviewed these in another article (here).  These are something that you lay over the bar that increases barbell/dumbbell size.  By increasing the size, it forces the forearms to pick up the slack. In time, these can increase grip strength significantly and help your forearms get a much needed workout.  A very cool present for any bodybuilder and one that can be utilized in the offseason with great success.

Stocking Stuffer’s (Gifts under $30):

I’m going to do this in a list format because the majority are self-explanatory.

  • Blender Bottles: This is the ONLY brand a bodybuilder wants as their shaker bottle.  The locking mechanism is superior, as far as I’m aware, to the other types. Buy Here: BlenderBottle SportMixer, Black/Black, 28 Ounce.
  • Quest Bars: These bars burst into the bodybuilding scene in the past few months.  They taste amazing and have great macronutrients.  Switch these out for candy.  We’ll be much happier. Buy Here: Quest Nutrition – Questbar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 12 bars.
  • Preworkout Samples: Run on down to your local supplement store and try and snag some free pre-workout/protein samples.  There’s often tons of giveaways that go great in stockings.


Hopefully this helps you with some ideas! I would have LOVED these gifts as a bodybuilder myself (I’ve bought all of them personally).  Wrap these presents up and you S.O. will be amazed at what you came up with.




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