Whey vs. Casein

Whey vs Casein:

A staple for any professional, amateur or weekend warrior weightlifter is protein.  Most everyone is taking a protein supplement during the day. This is a run down of the difference of the two main types: Whey and Casein.


Catabolic state- is a state where the body does not have readily available macronutrients to successfully build muscle

Anabolic state- is a state where the body has the macro nutrients readily available and can build new muscle.


Many consider whey protein as the corner stone of any weightlifters supplement arsenal.  Whey protein taken at the correct time can help promote an anabolic state in the body. Whey protein compromises only 20 percent of cows milk protein. The other 80 percent is made of casein protein. Whey protein has a very quick absorption rate. Its peak amino acid output is about 45 minutes to an hour after consumption. Whey protein is best taken 30 to 45 minutes after a workout; this will help promote the body to stay in an anabolic state. This is a strict window to take whey, if it is consumed after that the body will go into a catabolic state. Another great time for you to consume whey protein is when you wake up. Typically when you wake up your body is in dire need of macronutrients. A protein shake upon waking will help combat your body falling into a catabolic state. The time’s not to take whey is before you go to bed or before a big meal.


Casein the red headed step-child of whey protein. Most people understand and take whey protein, but often casein is over looked. Casein makes up 80 percent of cow protein milk. The peak amino acid out put of casein is 4 to 6 hours after consumption. Casein is best taken when you are not able to eat for a extended period of time or when you are going to sleep.  The main thing is to take casein before you sleep. Sleep is very important to any weightlifter; while sleeping your body repairs the muscles that were worked that day at the gym. If you are in a catabolic state while asleep it is hard for your body to build muscle. Since you cannot eat while you sleep to combat falling into a catabolic state, casein is the answer. It will help your body stay in an anabolic state throughout the night. The time not to take casein is before a workout or for a meal replacement. After a workout you need whey, not casein, because whey has a faster peak amino acid output.

 Whey and Casein:

Together these two can be a perfect meal replacement. With half and half supplement these two proteins put together makes a perfect meal replacement. The whey will give you the immediate release of protein into your system, while the casein will provide protein for a longer period of time until you next meal.


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